Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)

Facility Overview

Gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS) enables the identification and quantification volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds at trace concentrations from complex mixtures. The technique pairs separation of compounds using gas chromatography with sample identification and quantification via mass spectrometry. GC-MS is a critical technique in a variety of disciplines including environmental science, biology, geology, and materials sciences. The EMES operates a Shimadzu QP2010 Ultra GC-MS within the Shimadzu Environmental Research Laboratory. 

The GC-MS is a single quadrupole system equipped with a dual inlet system with a PTV injector allowing for split/spitless injections of soluble samples and a Frontier pyrolizer enabling analysis of insoluble samples. Standard setup utilizes the PTV injector with a Rtx-5 (USP 27) column enabling analysis of a wide range of compounds. Use of the pyrolizer or other column types are also possible but require special consideration. If your samples require an alternate setup, please contact EMES staff prior to sample submission.

Sample Preparation

Sample preparation for GC-MS is sample and analyte dependent. It is recommended that sample preparation and analytical needs are discussed with EMES personnel during experimental design to ensure that the necessary analyses can be performed using our instrument. Sample preparation facilities for some sample types are available through EMES. Samples should be prepared in an appropriate organic solvent and submitted in standard screw top GC vials (2 mL volume) with PTFE/red silicone septa. For low volume samples glass inserts may be used allowing analysis of sample volumes as low as 30 microliters.

User Fees

Analysis fees for the GC-MS are charged on an hourly basis. Analysis times vary depending on the method utilized and will typically range from thirty to seventy-five minutes per sample. User fees for the GC-MS are charged at the following rates:

User Provided Labor EMES Provided Labor
Research $66/hr $108/hr
Commercial $122/hr $202/hr

To be eligible for the User Provided Labor rate users must have been trained by the EMES staff and judged to be able to independently run the analyses from start to finish. Until a user is proficient in utilization of the GC-MS the EMES Provided Labor charge will apply. Samples not submitted in an analysis ready form will be charged a sample preparation fee.

GC-MS Facility Primary Contact
Dr. Scott Beeler
Research Scientist II - Analytical Chemistry
Office: Mineral Industries 212B
Phone: (605) 394-2380