Research and Development

An integrated approach to R&D ensures that development of industrially relevant technologies is based on recent advances in materials science and engineering made at CAPE Lab and elsewhere. In our most comprehensive programs, the CAPE Lab begins with a goal to prototype a material, component or product with specific properties, and then organizes parallel but highly interactive thrusts in materials science, process engineering, computer modeling, prototyping and testing, to realize the program objective. Typically, iterative procedures are established in which structures are designed, produced and tested, and then modified and optimized in light of testing results and model refinements,

In addition to collaborating with our partners to build scientific understanding and to develop new products and processes, our scientists and engineers enjoy applying the knowledge they have built to solve practical problems for our industrial clients, sometimes on an urgent timeline.

R and D Chart

Research and Development

The CAPE Lab’s capabilities include a fully integrated approach to research and development, encompassing:

  •  materials science and engineering
  • composite and component design
  • multiscale computer simulations
  • process and manufacturing technologies
  • prototyping and testing
  • chemical, mechanical, and
    thermal characterization