Laser Powder Deposition

Laser Powder Deposition (LPD) is a technique utilizing a focused laser beam to fuse metal/ceramic powder to a previously existing metal substrate. The Additive Manufacturing Laboratory (AML), operating under the auspices of the AMP Lab, currently houses a 3kW Nd-YAG laser, a 300W fiber laser, and three multi-axis robotics systems, enabling deposition of metals and ceramics on a wide variety of base materials of many shapes and sizes. This technology is used for solid freeform fabrication [3D printing], brazing, welding, and cladding. Laser cladding is one of the AML’s primary focus areas, where the resulting deposition exhibits superior abrasion and/or corrosion resistance. This is useful in many industrial applications, significantly increasing equipment life in agriculture, aerospace, and mining industries, among many others.


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