Grant Crawford
South Dakota Mines

Materials & Metallurgical Engineering

  • Surface modification of Ti implants via electrochemical & additive manufacturing techniques
  • Structure-property relationships in advanced coatings
  • 9 peer reviewed articles related to processing and characterization of advanced coatings
Frank Kustas  
South Dakota Mines

AMP Laboratory

  • PVD & CVD processing, plasma electrolytic oxidation of nanostructured thin-films for erosion, abrasion, sliding- wear, and corrosion resistance.  Over 50 publications in surface engineering
  • Hybrid atmospheric plasma CVD & nanoparticle spray technology for corrosion protection and superhydrophobic and icephobic coatings
  • CTO of NanoCoatings, Inc., a thin-film coating development company in Rapid City; Engineered coatings with sales of over $4.5M in SBIR/STTR funding
Bharat Jasthi  
South Dakota Mines

Materials & Metallurgical Engineering

  • Laser cladding of advanced coatings and functionally graded materials (FGM)
  • Friction Stir (surface alloying), Cold spraying of metallic/composite coatings for corrosion and wear
Haiping Hong  
South Dakota Mines

Materials & Metallurgical Engineering

  • Carbon nano-materials (nanotube and graphene) for application in grease lubricants
  • Developed unique method to mix carbon nano-materials with metal/metal oxides
  • Surface modification and characterization of metal/metal oxides
Venkata Gadhamshetty  
South Dakota Mines

Civil & Environmental Engineering

  • NSF Career Award: Conformal 2D coatings (e.g. graphene) for microbial corrosion resistance
  • Corrosion resistant surfaces for crude-oil production equipment in North Dakota
  • Graphene coated electrodes in microbial-bioelectrochemical systems for water treatment
Brian Logue

Chemistry & Biochemistry

  • Functionalized carboxylate deposition (FCD) of activated organics as self-assembled monolayers
  • FCD to dye-sensitize porous titania for energy generation (solar-cells)
  • Patented FCD and published the first use of FCD in the peer reviewed literature
Fereidoon Delfanian

Mechanical Engineering

  • Director - Materials Evaluation and Testing Laboratory (MET LAB)
  • Micro and Nano-Mechanical Testing of hard surface coatings and biomedical implants
Jeffrey Doom

Mechanical Engineering

  • Computational fluid dynamics, fluid mechanics
  • Combustion
Grigoriy Sereda


  • Functionalization of silica nanoparticles; coating of titania with Ag by the photolysis technique
  • Non-destructive functionalization of graphene and other carbonaceous materials by cycloaddition
  • USD lead collaborator with Composite & Nanocomposite Advanced Manufacturing
  • One US patent, 2 provisional patents, peer-reviewed publications, two book chapters

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