Major Grants and Contracts 

2020 NSF RII Track-2 FEC: The IceCube EPSCoR Initiative (IEI)

IceCube and the Data Revolution

IceCube 2020

Planning IUCRC at South Dakota Mines

Center for Solid-State Green Electric Power Generation and Storage (CEPS)

Dr. Smirnova

2019 NSF RII Track-2 Award

Data Driven Material Discovery Center for Bioengineering Innovation

2019 NSF RII Track-1 Award

Building on the 2020 Vision: Expanding Research, Education and Innovation in South Dakota

Govind Chilkoor

2017 NSF RII Track-2 Award

Building Genome-to-Phenome Infrastructure for Regulating Methane in Deep and Extreme Environments (BuG ReMeDEE)

SD Mines Bug Remedee Rock Sampling