Welcome to Life on Campus at the South Dakota Mines!

Residence Life at the South Dakota Mines provides on-campus housing for almost 1,100 students. Living on-campus can be one of the best experiences of your college years - getting to know your neighbors and yourself is fun, exciting and sometimes challenging. The South Dakota Mines is governed by the South Dakota Board of Regents (BOR). The BOR Housing Policy requires all students who have graduated from high school in the past two years to live on-campus, see the complete policy to know if you are required to live on-campus or not.

More than 45 students are employed each year by Residence Life to provide in-hall support services to the residents of all of our residence halls. These Resident Advisors, Residential Peer Mentors, and Assistant Area Coordinators are paraprofessionals who have had extensive training so that they are able to create and help build (along with residents) an inclusive, safe environment that encourages learning and personal growth.  In addition to these student employees, Residence Life has full-time staff of two Directors and one Area Coordinator dedicated to the well-being of our students and our residential communities. 

Housing Application Information: January 2023 

The housing application for the spring 2023 semester will be available from your New Student Checklist or from the Residence Life website menu, under the "Housing Information" section starting November 21, 2022. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with a preferred deadline of December 2, 2022. Once an application has been submitted and the housing fee paid, assignments will be processed on a rolling basis and sent to the student's university email.  Please be aware that completion of this application legally binds you to the Residence Hall Agreement for the full spring semester academic year. Read the terms and conditions of the application and contract carefully before submission.

New student Move-In will be offered Friday, January 6, at 8:00AM.  More information will be available via email. 

Housing Application Information: 2023-2024

The housing application for the 2023-2024 academic year will be available from your New Student Checklist or from the Residence Life website menu, under the "Housing Information" section starting February 13, 2023. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, with a preferred deadline of June 1, 2023. For students who have submitted an application and paid the application fee on or before June 1, housing assignments and roommate information will be sent to student emails on June 10.  Applications submitted/fees paid after June 1 will be processed on a rolling basis.  Please be aware that completion of this application legally binds you to the Residence Hall Agreement for the entire academic year (fall and spring semesters). Read the terms and conditions of the application and contract carefully before submission.

New Student Move-In Date 

New student Move-In will be offered Thursday, August 17, 2023 from 8:00AM-4:00PM.  More information will be available online and via email throughout the Spring and Summer. 

Housing Options

New freshmen and transfer residents have two types of housing during their first year on campus - Community Living or Peterson Interest Communities.  See below for more information. Upperclass student housing is available in Rocker Square I and Rocker Square II apartments for those who have graduated from high school prior to January 2022.  Please make sure you learn more about our residence halls/apartments and their amenities by visiting their web pages under "Housing Information."

Increased Occupancy Spaces: Housing in the fall will likely be very full due to the size of the incoming class and limited spaces on campus. This means, if needed, some doubles and quads may transition to 3-person and 5-person rooms temporarily. Our housing usually sees a number of cancellations, exemptions, and move-outs in the weeks before opening and in the first month of the fall semester. As open spaces become available in new student housing, students in increased occupancy spaces would be reassigned to those standard rooms. All student residing in an increased occupancy space would receive a 15% housing credit for the duration of time the space has an additional occupant. 

Community Living

Located in double-occupancy rooms in Connolly and Palmerton Halls, Community Living provides strong community development through a variety of programs, events, and meetings with the Resident Advisor. Community Living in Connolly and Palmerton provides a wide range of activities and learning opportunities for all students to enjoy. 

Peterson Interest Communities (PIC)

South Dakota Mines offers two PICs: Outdoor Pursuits & Exploring Rapid City (and beyond). These communities are housed in Peterson doubles, triples, quads, and study quads. PICs provide programs, events, and activities around their specific themes, allowing students with a common interest to explore together. Interested students must complete an essay on the housing application and space in the program is limited. More information about specific communities is below.

— Outdoor Pursuits Community
The Outdoor Pursuits community will focus on the many outdoor activities that are available in the Black Hills area. Students who enjoy the outdoors are encouraged to apply for this community. Possible events/activities include:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Rock climbing
  • Snow-shoeing
  • Social activities to meet others on the floor and in the community

— Exploring Rapid City (and Beyond) Community
Exploring Rapid City (and beyond) will focus on the many events and activities that take place in the Rapid City area as well as service activities available in the Rapid City area. Students who are interested in exploring what Rapid City has to offer are encouraged to apply for this community. Possible events/activities include:

  • Exploring Rapid City’s local restaurants, museums, and performance venues
  • Touring popular locations such as the Crazy Horse Memorial, Mount Rushmore, Bear Country, and local caves
  • Performing Arts activities & events (theatre, music, art openings)
  • Hockey games and other sporting events
  • Social activities to meet others on the floor and in the community
  • Participating in service activities on campus
  • Partnering and working with on-campus and local community service organizations
  • Participating in community events and fundraisers
  • Organizing service events as a floor based on the interests of the students

What To Bring - What Not To Bring - What Is Provided

A list of items provided, items you should consider bringing, and a list of items to leave at home is online here.  

Mail and Mail Room Information

Each residential student is assigned a mailbox by Residence Life. A mailbox assignment email is sent to new students before move-in. The mailroom is located in Surbeck Center; it is accessible 24-hours a day and is staffed for package pick-up by the Surbeck Center Front Desk during specific hours (adjusted each semester). Students will receive their mailbox combination during check-in. 

Bed Linens and Room Supplies

Residence Life partners with OCM to provide students (and parents) with an easy way to get essentials for your room. Learn more about OCM and our linen program online here.

Your Grubby ID & Laundry Information

All South Dakota Mines students utilize a Grubby ID to use across campus to open doors, check-out books, eat, and much more.  Important to residents, Grubby ID has a built-in debit card system -- Grubby Gold.  Grubby Gold is the only way to do laundry on campus, plus it is accepted around campus (bookstore, vending machines, mailroom). Learn more about Your Grubby ID before your arrival on the Grubby ID website.  

Bikes on Campus

If you are thinking of bringing your bike to campus, we encourage you to register it and lock it with a U-lock -- other locks can be easily broken. 

Banks and Other Local Services

Great Western Bank and Wells Fargo are nearby banks, the Masala Mart is down the street from campus, and Boyd's Drug Mart is the closest pharmacy to campus. Downtown Rapid City is located about one mile from campus and offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and services.

Online Forms and Online Communication

Residence Life uses electronic communication for most of our business. Look for emails from Residence Life about housing assignments, Room Condition Reports, and much more! In addition, we utilize online forms for everything from facilities work orders to housing applications. Make sure you bookmark our website--you will need to visit often. As a new, incoming student you will find the below links helpful:

Title IX/Sexual Assault Training Requirement

Because we are committed to the safety of our students, all students are required to participate in an online Title IX safety program. More information will be emailed to students about this program.

Online Fire Safety & Emergency Education Requirement

All new residential students are required to participate in an online fire and emergency education program. This program must be completed before you arrive to campus. More information and the online link will be available through your New Student Checklist once your housing assignment has been emailed.

Housing Accommodations

In limited circumstances, the University approves students for housing accommodations. Students requesting a disability-related housing accommodation should contact the Office of Disability Services at disabilityservices@sdsmt.edu or call 605-394-2533. The deadline for New Students to submit a request for accommodation is May 1, 2022. Requests submitted after that time and processed/approved will be accommodated but may result in limited options.


Thanksgiving Break
Residence halls do not close

Winter Break - Halls Close
December 15 - January 7
Details available here

New Student Housing Sign-Up
Application Opens February 13
Visit the New Student Sign-Up Page

Lottery Numbers Emailed
Sent to emails on March 1
For returners required to live on campus

Spring Break - Halls Close
March 11 - March 19
Details available here

Returning Student Housing Sign Up
March 20 - March 26 varying by group
Returning Student Housing Selection

May Closing
Halls close at noon on May 6
5pm on May 7th for graduating students