Physical Education

Our physical education classes will help you compete in the classroom and on the field with a variety of health and fitness classes designed to spark a healthy, active lifestyle for students of every interest and ability level.

Between classes and labs, roommates and exams, college can be stressful. Our classes will help you reduce stress and blow off steam. Tune in, chill out and shape up with our yoga, Zumba and rock climbing classes. Or challenge your friends to a game of Ultimate Frisbee, flag football or soccer with our intramural and club sports.

Looking for an adrenaline rush? Grab your board and carve up the ice on a tricked-out half pipe or shred the slopes with our Ski & Snowboarding Club. Or join the Hardrocker Climbing Club and scale the Cathedral Spires, towering granite pillars nestled in the heart of the Needles. If mountain biking or backpacking is your thing, explore more than 6,000 miles of trails winding through forests, over mountain peaks and under waterfalls with the Cycling Club.

We also offer health classes to get you eating right, fend off the "freshmen 15" and develop healthy habits for a richer life.

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