Financial Aid Offer Notification

Please carefully review the details below before logging into Financial Aid Self-Service to review your aid offers. You may want to review the Financial Aid Programs at South Dakota Mines and refer to this information as you are viewing the various types of aid being offered to you. Additionally, you can view Paying for College Options to consider if the total aid offered does not appear to be enough to cover your educational expenses. South Dakota Mines does not print paper financial aid offer letters (but you can print off the pages in Self-Service that show the aid being offered to you). Students accept and/or reject their aid offers via Financial Aid Self-Service.

Financial Aid Self-Service Video Tutorial

Logging into Financial Aid Self-Service

1. First log into the South Dakota System Navigation Access Portal (SNAP) at  This URL will take you to the South Dakota Public Universities login page.  Your username is your South Dakota Mines email address and unless you already have access to the South Dakota Mines campus network and have changed your password, your password is your date of birth (in the format noted below) plus student ID number (no spaces):


Student ID number to use in the Password: If the e-mail message directing you to this page included a 7 digit ID, use that when entering your password in the format displayed below; if the message included a 9 digit ID, use that when entering your password in the format displayed below.

Password: MMDDYYYYxxxxxxxxx

If you have trouble logging in, please contact the Help Desk at or 605-394-1234.

2.  Once signed in, on the far left click on Student, then Financial Aid, and then click on Financial Aid Self Service Menu.

3. In the Select Campus drop-down menu, select SD School of Mines & Tech as your campus and click the continue button.  PLEASE NOTE: Don't be alarmed if the ID number that appears to the left of your name is different than what you just used to login.

4. Under the Financial Aid heading, click on “Award”.

5. Under the Award heading click on “Award for Aid Year.”

6. On the next screen, after Select Aid Year, click on the down arrow and click on the academic year you are reviewing aid offers for, such as 2022-2023 Award Year or 2021-2022 Award Year and click the submit button.

7. Click on the Award Overview  tab to review the financial aid being offered to you.

8. Next, click on the Accept Award Offer tab to accept or decline your award offer(s).  Under the Accept Award heading, click on Select Decision to accept or decline each term award offer.  Depending on the aid being offered, you may be presented with the option to accept a lesser amount, such as with a Federal Student Loan.  When you are finished, click on Submit Decision (do not click on Accept Full Amount All Awards).  Once you have finished, go to the next step.

9. Click on the Resources/Additional Information tab.  If you have not yet completed the questionnaire regarding the Authorization to Apply Federal Student Aid, a narrative starting with "The U.S. Department of Education allows..." will be displayed. Please carefully read the information and then select Yes or No and then click on Submit Information.

10. Click on the Financial Aid tab at the top of the page and then select Eligibility from the menu.  Review any Unsatisfied Requirements that are listed.  If an individual Unsatisfied Requirement is duplicated, you only need to click on one of the duplicated items.  It is a good idea to occasionally return to the Eligibility page to see if you have any new Unsatisfied Requirements that must be completed.

11. Once you have finished accepting/declining your aid and taken care of any Eligibility requirements, in the upper right above your name and ID click on EXIT.

12. In order to ensure your financial aid is available prior to the start of each semester of attendance, review important next steps for Finalizing Your Financial Aid.

13. If you need to explore other options for paying for college that are available for South Dakota Mines students, review other options.

14. Review our Estimated Cost of Attendance used for awarding Federal Student Aid.  If you are interested most in the potential direct costs that will be owed to South Dakota Mines, take the right-hand column total on the Cost of Attendance page and subtract the amounts for Transportation and Personal expenses to result in an estimate for direct costs to the university.

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Always Here to Help

Financial aid is new territory for many students and their parents, and can some times be complex.

Please feel free to contact the South Dakota Mines Financial Aid Office if you have questions or need assistance on financial aid matters.