Saurabh Dhiman (2015)


M.S., K.U. Kurukshetra
Ph.D., K.U. Kurukshetra

CBEC 3319 (campus map)
Research Expertise

My research focuses on an in-depth understanding of molecular interactions controlling microbial sensing, communication, and adhesion properties in natural landscapes. State-of-the-art genome editing techniques and in-silico tools have been applied to identify the novel gene clusters and metabolic pathways controlling the microbial stress mechanisms. Fundamentals of the System Biology approach have been revisited to reveal the unexplored facets of microbial “Rules of Life.”

Brief Bio

I am a System Biologist deploying “Genome-to-Phenome, and "Network-Biology" approaches for the biomanufacturing of next–generation industrially relevant biomolecules through the sequestration of unconventional carbon feedstock. 


BIOL 692/ CEE 792: Biofilm Engineering (3 Cr) – Study microbes' environmental interactions (materials and ecology) in hostile environments (deep biosphere, hot springs) and industrial applications through (i) quorum sensing; (ii) CRISPR & Protein Engineering. 

CEE 592/ BIOL 492: Environmental Microbiology (3 Cr) – An introductory course for enrolling in medical or graduate school describing solutions that protect public and environmental health in the near and long term.

BIOL 331: Microbiology (3 Cr) – An introductory course for enrolling in medical or graduate school prepares for microbial physiology, metabolism, genetics, and future academic and research commitments, e.g., renewable energy and xenobiotics.

CEE 492/592: Bioresource Engineering (3 Cr) – Mechanistic understanding of the transformation of resources available on the earth's crust and underground, e.g., Carbon Capture and Sequestration. Problem-based learning (PBL), Concept Maps, and Outdoor activities strengthen conceptual details.