How to Join

  • Students must be nominated by faculty or staff to be a part of the Professional Development Institute. Nominations are received in February or March each year.
  • Nominated students will be asked to submit their résumé if interested in joining. Résumés will then be reviewed and students will be interviewed by a panel of faculty and staff.

Qualified Students Should Be:

  1. Existing student leaders
  2. Exceptional team members, effective at collaboration and conflict resolution
  3. Respectful and appreciative of human differences
  4. Dedicated to community involvement and civic engagement
  5. Strong in their sense of identity and personal development
  6. Ethical in their decision-making
  7. Experienced with  research/internships/co-ops or career planning
  8. Positive role models and mentors
  9. Students with a strong academic record
  10. Full-time South Dakota Mines students, undergraduate or graduate