Inclusion Committee


The purpose of the Inclusion Committee is to recommend and implement programs that would encourage and enhance an inclusive culture at South Dakota Mines. The committee will promote intercultural competence on campus and serve as advisors for other diversity-related goals and initiatives.



  • Cedric Collinge - Director of Inclusion

Faculty Member

  • Dr. Micah Lande (2023)
  • Dr. Erica Haugtvedt (2023)
  • Matthew Whitehead (2024)
  • Dr. Martha Garlick (2024)

Staff Member

  • Vacant (2023)
  • Hilary Roman (2024)
  • Christopher Papas (2026)
  • Megan Laskowski (2026)

Campus Affiliated Member

  • Dawn Weiss (2026)

Student Members

  • Wesley Quigley (2023)


Committee members will serve three-year terms, with five rotating on even years and four rotating on odd years. Student members will rotate annually. The chairperson will remain on the committee indefinitely. Members may serve consecutive terms.