Gender Inclusive Housing

South Dakota Mines Residence Life provides second-year and beyond residents the option of gender inclusive housing in apartments and suites.  Apartments and suites are gender inclusive, however, bedrooms (when double occupancy) are still gender-specific.

Gender inclusive housing is available in:

  • Rocker Square I Apartments
  • Rocker Square II Apartments
  • Placer Hall Suites
  • Peterson Hall Study Quads

Gender Inclusive Housing Terms and Conditions

Students who wish to live in Gender Inclusive Housing will indicate this desire on their housing application.  Students must agree to the terms below on the housing application to be eligible for Gender Inclusive Housing. Housing in Gender Inclusive spaces is not guaranteed and is a preference.

  • Apartments, Study Quads, and Suites are Gender Inclusive. In Peterson Study Quads and Placer Double Suites, bedrooms must be single-gendered.
  • Roommates may be requested on the housing application.
  • If roommates are not listed on the housing application, the student will be placed with others who have selected this option, regardless of gender.
  • Students required to live on campus and assigned lottery numbers will be assigned in lottery order and groups with roommates will be placed based on the group’s lowest lottery number. 
  • Upperclass students without lottery numbers will be assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • If a bed space becomes available in a gender inclusive room, the following may occur:
    • Roommates may have the opportunity to bring in a new roommate, who must also agree to live in the gender inclusive space 
    • Residence Life may assign a roommate who agrees to live in gender inclusive housing
    • Residence Life may reassign roommates to new housing to return the original room to gender specific housing
  • Students must be 18 years old or older to live in Gender Inclusive housing. 
  • Students understand and agree that they are entering into this decision on their own accord.  NOTE:  The University encourages all students to speak to their parent/guardian about this housing decision to ensure open lines of communication exist about housing preferences.
  • The University does not recommend and discourages students in a relationship from living together. Remember, relationship challenges or break-ups can and will pose significant housing issues and new or different accommodations are not guaranteed.  


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