Full-time and Part-time Status

Students are responsible for ensuring that the classes in which they enroll and the subsequent credits earned support their program of study and are applicable to their degree. Students should always consult their program advisor before registering for classes.

Undergraduate Students

Credit Hours   Time Status
12 or more Full-time 
9 – 11  Three-Quarter Time
6 – 8  Half-time

Graduate Students*

Credit Hours   Time Status
9 or more  Full-time
7 – 8.5 Three-Quarter Time
4.5 – 6.5 Half-time

Different requirements for full-time status may apply for tuition, verification, loan deferral, and financial aid. For example, student financial aid eligibility may require a minimum number of hours that support the student’s program of study. Contact Student Accounts, the Registrar’s Office, and the Financial Aid Office, respectively, for more information.

*For more information about graduate student time status, please reference the Graduate Education Policies of the catalog.

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