Forms - Office of the Registrar 

The links on this page will take you to various administrative forms used by the Office of the Registrar. Most of these forms can be submitted electronically, but due to signature requirements, others must be printed, completed, and delivered to the Office of the Registrar. 

Academic Appeal Form
Appeal of Resident Status to the Board of Regents
Appeal of Resident Status to Home Institution
Application for Graduation and Commencement for AA and BS
Application for Graduation and Commencement for MS and PhD
Change Your Address
Change Your Cellphone Number (for campus alerts)
Change of Major/Advisor or Declaration of Second Program
Consent Form/Authorization to Release Information
Course Change Request Form
Declare a Minor
General Education Checklist
Humanities & Social Science Course List - Fall 2023
Humanities & Social Science Course List - Spring 2024

Incomplete Grade Contract - Grad
Incomplete Grade Contract - Undergrad
Independent Study
Intent to Qualify for a Certificate
Pass/Fail Option
Permission of Instructor Electronic Form
Request for Late Add
Request for Name Change
Request to Audit a Class
Request to Withhold Directory Information
Residency Application
Online Transcript Request
Time Conflict Form
Undergraduate Degree Works Substitution Form
Undergraduate Overload Approval Form 
Unofficial Transcript Request

Forms Used by the Student Development Office

Student Development Forms
Student Resources List

Contact: Office of the Registrar 

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