All Electronic Resources (A-Z)

    • Points of View Reference Center
      Provided by Devereaux Library

      This database contains resources that present multiple sides of an issue, it provides rich content to help students assess and develop persuasive arguments and essays, better understand controversial issues and develop analytical thinking skills.

    • PRIMO, the Library Catalog
      Provided by Devereaux Library

      [South Dakota Library Network]
      The catalog of the Devereaux Library, a register of bibliographic items found in the library. Includes, books, journals, DVDs, CDs, documents, and links to electronic materials; database of materials held by the Devereaux Library.

    • Professional Development Collection
      Provided by Devereaux Library

      A highly specialized database of full-text electronic information especially for educators, professional librarians and education researchers.

    • ProQuest
      Provided by Devereaux Library
      A collection of databases covering the arts, business, geology, health, history, literature, science and technology and social sciences. Includes dissertations and thesis; indexing and full-text.

    • Rapid City Journal

      The library does not currently subscribe to the Rapid City Journal. However, individuals may view a limited number of articles without a subscription.

    • Rapid City Journal Index 1990-2000
      Hosted by South Dakota State University
      [South Dakota Library Network]
      This is an index created by the staff of the South Dakota Library Network to provide access to articles published in the Rapid City Journal between 1999-2005, and the Northern Hills Journal between 1999-2000. This index is preserved as a searchable spreadsheet.

    • Readers' Guide Retrospective: 1890-1982
      Provided by South Dakota State Library

      Readers’ Guide Retrospective: 1890-1982 is a digital archive of the H.W. Wilson’s Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature, the ultimate index of subjects in the popular press.

    • Regional Business News
      Provided by Devereaux Library
      This database provides full-text regional business publications for the United States and Canadian provinces. Users can search newspapers, magazines and other resources from trusted news sources.

    • Research Library
      Provided by Devereaux Library

      This resource offers access to thousands of full-text periodicals. A diversified mix of scholarly journals, professional and trade publications, and magazines covering over 150 subjects and topics.

    • Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps Online
      Provided by United States Library of Congress
      A searchable database of the fire insurance maps published by the Sanborn Map Company that are housed in the collections of the Library of Congress. The collection includes maps for South Dakota communities from 1867 to 1970.


A World of Science

Image result for GeoScienceWorld GIF. Size: 216 x 106. Source:


GSW’s journals collection 
provides access to 50 journals
from 34 global publishing

The GSW Archive Collection
runs from 1905-1999.  

Some available Journals:
American Mineralogist
Earth Sciences History
Earthquake Spectra
Economic Geology
Journal of Paleontology
Petroleum Geoscience

There are 2295 eBooks available:
For Example:
The Carboniferous Timescale

Metallogeny of Gold in the 
Black Hills, South Dakota

Passive Margins: Tectonics, 
Sedimentation and Magmatism

GeoRef is available in 
GeoScience World.

“OpenGeoSci is a free, public map
based toolset that allows users 
to search for cross sections, charts, 
tables, figures, and data from 
GeoScienceWorld publications.”

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