South Dakota Mines Summer Camp Scholarships

Summer Camp Scholarship Applications

Our Summer Camp Scholarship Program was created to award financial support students interested in STEM and cannot afford the cost of camp. This scholarship would only cover the cost of camp registration. Campers are still responsible for the cost of travel and lodging.


  1. The Scholarship must be applied for BEFORE the student registers for the Summer Camp. Refunds will not be issued if the student is already registered for the summer camp.
  2. Students must fill out the Scholarship Application and be approved.
  3. There must still be spots open for your chosen camp.
  4. Scholarship applications will be reviewed within a week of submission.  
  5. This Scholarship form is NOT the camp registration form. Upon approval, the student must use the code to sign up for Summer Camp.


Contact Brittani Webb, or (605) 394-6144.


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