People working in a mining area underground

Mining Engineering Specialization, MS

Background requirements

Entry to this Specialization is available to students who are an Accelerated Graduate student in the SD Mines BS in Mining Engineering & Management program, to those who have earned a BS or MS in Mining Engineering, and to those from Engineering degrees other than Mining Engineering. All engineering students may enter this program if they have passed the required leveling courses. The leveling courses do not count toward the number of hours required for completion of the degree:

Non-Mining Engineering students who do not have a minimum of three years in the Mining Industry are required to take MEM 501.

Program requirements

All students in the Mining Engineering Specialization will complete a Thesis or a Project. Core requirements: 3 credits in MEM 700 and MEM 790; Research or project requirements: 6-12 credits; Elective requirements: 17-23 credits; Total credits: 33

Thesis students are required to complete 30 credit hours of course work as well as the core courses. Students taking the Project option will complete 30 hours of course work as well as MEM 788 Master’s Research Problems/Project. Half of all classes must be taken at a 600 level or higher.

Contact info:

Dr. Kelli McCormick, Program Coordinator
Mining Engineering and Management Department
MI 235 A
(605) 394-1971