Faculty Advisors

Faculty from the departments of atmospheric and environmental scienceshumanities, arts, and social sciences serve as bachelor of science in Science, technology, and Society (BS-STS) and Interdisciplinary Sciences (BSIS) advisors.  Advisor assignments are based on the student's choice of specialization and career interest.

BS-STS Program Coordinator

Kyle W. Knight, PhD, Department Head of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

BS-STS Faculty Advisors

  • Andersen, Patty, MLIS, associate librarian and director of the Devereaux Library
  • French, Adam, PhD, assistant professor
  • Gibson, Jonathan, PhD, associate professor
  • Haugtvedt, Erica, PhD, assistant professor
  • Kliche, Donna, PhD, associate professor
  • Knight, Kyle, PhD, professor
  • Pritchard, Kayla, PhD, associate professor
  • Tidwell, Christy, PhD, professor
  • Van Nuys, Frank, PhD, professor
  • Westergaard, Karen, MA, lecturer

BS-STS Staff

  • Peters, Arana, senior secretary

Forms & Requirements

Forms & Requirements