Computer Science (BS)


Software is arguably one of the most rapidly-changing fields in science and engineering. Software exists everywhere in our daily lives, and data exists all around us. Software is foundational in computer science, which focuses on understanding data and how to use it to solve problems. Computer science is foundational in applying and studying interactions between humans and computers.


Students gain expertise and experience in all phases of software development, including design, architecture, implementation, testing, and deployment. Students will become effective in communicating and operating in a team environment. Students gain exposure to many different software languages, technologies, and platforms. The hands-on and immersive experience is at the heart of this program.


Students gain exposure to robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, cybersecurity, virtual reality, data science, and application development.

Students prepare for these roles: software developer, software engineer, data scientist, data analyst, software tester, security analyst, and application developer.

Industry partners consistently hire our students for internships or full-time opportunities across sectors from artificial intelligence and autonomous systems to health sciences and finance.

Here is a list of companies hiring our graduates, Microsoft, Garmin, EchoStar, Innovative Systems, Golden West Telecommunications, Black Hills Energy, Google, Omnitech, Meta, Epic Systems, General Motors, and Raven Industries, to name a few.

Computer Science (BS) Specializations

Students can enhance their focus in their Computer Science B.S. degree with one of the following specializations.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)


Data is foundational in business, medicine, and technology. All companies and sectors use data to understand operating environments, capture business intelligence, and build models to predict or automate behaviors and practices.

Data science and engineering is a rapidly growing interdisciplinary STEM field involving research and applications throughout all areas of science and engineering.

This specialization enables a student to participate in the transformation of data into intelligence actively.



Cybersecurity is one of the essential aspects of computing and society today. Organizations worldwide are evaluating, responding, and protecting against cyberattacks every second.

Cybersecurity involves information security, network security, digital forensics, and cyber-physical systems.

This specialization enables a student to actively participate in all the aspects of software, data, network, and system security.

Visual and Interactive Computing


The way humans interact with computers and software is a highly regarded area of study. The products used every day involve user interface and user experience design paradigms. Companies strive to optimize the experience with their products around effectiveness and efficiency.

This specialization will emphasize user interface design, virtual reality (VR), digital image processing, mobile computing, simulation, human factors engineering, and computer vision.