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Computer Engineering (BS)


A computer engineer is likely involved when hardware and software need to interact. Software dominates the world around us, but it takes hardware devices to complete the interaction. Consider IoT (internet of things) devices like the smartwatch you are wearing or the robotic vacuum cleaner quietly running in the background. Understanding computer engineering means knowing how to build a computing device and writing the software to drive it.


Students become proficient at writing software and firmware for embedded microcontrollers, designing microprocessors, interfacing with sensors, and building real-time operating systems. Students understand software and hardware products' design, build, and test methodologies. The hands-on and immersive experience is at the heart of this program.


Students gain exposure to topics from designing innovative computer hardware to a deep understanding of robotics and intelligent systems. Students can discover new types of artificial intelligence.

Industry partners consistently hire our students for internships or full-time opportunities spread across sectors from alternative energy production and control to manufacturing automation and supercomputing.

Garmin, Collins Aerospace, NASA, Nucor, EchoStar, John Deere, Emerson, Los Alamos National Labs, Littelfuse, and Seagate, to name a few.