Undergraduate Education

Build your engineering and science foundation

The undergraduate education you will receive at South Dakota Mines is immersive and hands-on whether you are interested in computer science, electrical engineering, or computer engineering. Each bachelor of science degree provides a balance of applied and theory. The curriculum design includes knowledge of the fundamental principles of engineering, science, math, problem-solving, communication, teaming, professional development, and critical thinking.

What you will experience

Each degree program shares many of the same foundational attributes and characteristics of science and engineering. Each degree program has a well-established and industry-supported core curriculum taught by engaging faculty. You can take advantage of opportunities that reflect your interests and career objectives. Opportunities to shape your education include elective courses, specializations, or minor degree programs.

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Solve problems with a team

Your final year in each program concludes with a two-semester capstone project. The capstone project is team-based and typically sponsored by industry partners, competitive teams, faculty, or you. Capstone projects take many forms, but the goal is to design and build a solution by exercising creativity to solve a problem. Pictures tell a story, so browse photos from the 2022 Senior Design Fair, where students share their success.

Early talent development

You are encouraged and supported to find internship and cooperative education (co-op) opportunities. The most effective way to discover and establish career objectives is to do the work. Upwards of 70% of students complete an internship before graduating and garner a distinct advantage with recruiters seeking to fill positions. Internships give you real-world experience allowing you to find your fit in this vast technology landscape.

Find your people

Are you going to know what you want to do when you enroll in a program, precisely? Outside the classroom, several student clubs and organizations allow you to discover your passion and your cohort. Consider joining clubs like 3D Print Club, Moonrockers, Robotics Team, or Data Miners, to name a few.

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Use the links below for more information on the specific bachelor of science degrees offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Computer Science (BS)

Computer Engineering (BS)

Electrical Engineering (BS)