Computer Science and Engineering (MS)

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The M.S. in Computer Science and Engineering provides an interdisciplinary master’s degree in emerging technologies. Students take computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering courses. The program's primary objective is to give students a foundational understanding of the mechanical, electrical, and computing systems to design and build advanced mobile intelligent robotics applications.


The program covers the essentials of robotics, artificial intelligence, control, communications, sensors, and signal processing. Students gain advanced knowledge in focus areas such as pattern recognition, computer vision, non-linear control, digital signal processing, and communications.


Graduates will engage in commercial, military, or NASA-based projects to design and build intelligent autonomous systems capable of interacting with the environment and performing complex tasks.


Faculty and students drive research in these areas: autonomy, machine learning, computer vision, controls, localization, mapping, motion planning, cyber-physical security, high-performance computing, and navigation, to name a few. Additionally, active research projects tackle unmanned aerial or ground vehicles, 3D printing, and intelligent controls.

Program Coordinator

Dr. Christer Karlsson