A student studying a sample in a lab at South Dakota Mines.

Atmospheric and Environmental Science:

Environmental Science Specialization, BS

Background Requirements

The Environmental Specialization is designed for majors interested in the ecological and biological attributes of Atmospheric & Environmental Science. In addition to the core classes for the AES degree, the Environmental Specialization requires degree candidates to take the additional courses in biology, biogeochemistry, ecology, geographical information systems, and environmental law. Students should work with their advisor for the application procedure and appropriate forms.

Program Requirements

The Environmental Specialization requires completion of 43 credits of coursework from the specialization’s requirement list and program approved electives. See your academic advisor for further details.

For more details, degree requirements, and course descriptions, degree candidates are asked to review South Dakota Mines Academic Catalog.

Contact Information

Dr. Lisa Kunza
Associate Professor
Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences Program
Department of Chemistry, Biology and Health Sciences
McLaury 210A
Office Phone: (605) 394-2449
Email: Lisa.Kunza@sdsmt.edu