Civil Engineering, BS

Are you ready to shape the world around you? At South Dakota Mines, our undergraduate civil engineering degree is your ticket to an exciting journey of exploration and innovation. With our ABET-accredited program, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to become a true problem-solving superhero in the field of civil engineering.

Customize Your Path to Success

We believe in empowering our students to follow their passions and explore diverse areas of study within civil engineering. Our specialized curriculum covers a wide range of courses, including:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Water Resources Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Sustainable Engineering
  • Construction Engineering and Management

The best part, you have the freedom to choose a path that truly excites you and prepares you for a successful career in designing civil infrastructure solutions for a better tomorrow.

Learn from the Best!

Our award-winning instructors are here to guide you through each aspect of civil engineering. With small class sizes, you’ll get the attention and support you need to excel in your studies. But we’re not just about textbooks and lectures – we bring civil and environmental engineering to life with hands-on, real world case studies and problem based-learning throughout your undergraduate experience.

Plus, we love to work together! Join our acclaimed Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge teams to showcase your engineering prowess and creativity. With co-ops, internships, and a vibrant array of student organizations, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in real-world projects and expand your future professional network.

Specialization in Environmental Engineering

Passionate about preserving the environment and improving public health? Our unique curriculum offers a civil engineering degree with a specialization in environmental engineering. You’ll dive deeper into science, chemistry, and chemical and biological engineering to become a true green engineering champion.

Explore Your Focus Areas

Here are the focus areas you can choose from:

Environmental Engineering

Address urgent global issues related to the environment and public health. Design innovative solutions for sustainable drinking water treatment, waste disposal, air quality monitoring, pollution prevention, ecosystem protection, and more.

Water Resources Engineering

Safeguard and manage water resources in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner. Design water distribution systems, manage stormwater, develop reservoirs, and enhance water resource stewardship.

Geotechnical Engineering

Tackle complex challenges in infrastructure, construction, and remediation by working with earth materials like soil, rock, and groundwater. Mitigate geologic hazards and create resilient foundations for structures.

Structural Engineering

Specialize in designing and optimizing structures to withstand extreme forces and natural hazards. From bridges to skyscrapers, you’ll play a crucial role in engineering the future.

Sustainable Engineering

Address social issues and minimize environmental impacts across products, services, and communities. Apply life cycle assessment techniques and embrace equity and justice in your global societal framework.

Construction Engineering and Management

Combine practical construction methods with management principles to bring innovative designs to life while promoting sustainability. Be a key player in the green building movement and prioritize environmental consciousness in your projects.

Shape the Future

We prepare you to be a real-world hero in civil engineering. Embrace your passion, explore your interests, and contribute to the advancement of our civil infrastructure. Your future awaits!