Civil and Environmental Engineering MS 

The Master of Science degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering (MS CENE) provides a program of advanced study for candidates wishing to gain additional expertise for a career in the Civil and Environmental Engineering field. Students may select either a thesis or non-thesis option based on their career goals.

Thesis Option

The MS CENE thesis degree option consists of a program of graduate coursework and independent thesis research. Candidacy for the MS CENE degree with the thesis option is contingent upon the student’s aptitude to do research. The thesis must constitute an original contribution to knowledge in Civil and Environmental Engineering and must be successfully defended at a final oral presentation and examination. Students are accepted into the MS CENE thesis option upon the successful submission of a written thesis proposal, public presentation, and the recommendation of a major professor. The requirements for the MS CENE thesis degree are found in our course catalog.

Non-Thesis Option

The non-thesis MS CENE degree consists of a program of graduate coursework. A thesis, project paper, or final examination is not required; this is a coursework only degree. The requirements for the MS CENE non-thesis degree are found in our course catalog.

Accelerated Masters Program

An Accelerated Masters Program is available, enabling students to receive both their B.S. and M.S. degrees in as little as five years. Students enrolled in the Accelerated MS program may apply up to 9 credits of CEE electives to both the BS and MS degrees.


Applicants must satisfy the minimum admission requirements of the South Dakota Mines Graduate Education Office. (See general requirements for graduate admission.) Students who hold a BS degree in civil or environmental engineering from an ABET-accredited program and who satisfy all admission requirements may be accepted into the MS Civil Engineering program. Admission is competitive and the achievement of minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Students with engineering degrees in areas other than Civil or Environmental Engineering may be required to complete necessary background courses. Outstanding students with non-engineering baccalaureate degrees may qualify for admission to the graduate civil engineering program, with the understanding that they must take specified background courses as needed.

For more information on the MS CENE program, contact:

Dr. Marc Robinson 
MS Graduate Coordinator               
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
(605) 394-2563

How to Apply

Contact the program coordinator of the program you are interested in, and then apply online.

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