Faculty and Staff

Interim Department Head
Email: Zhengtao.Zhu@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-2447
Office: CBEC 2206
B.S., Fudan University
M.S., Fudan University
Ph.D., State University of New York at Binghamton
Associate Professor
Email: Kenneth.Benjamin@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-2636
Office: CBC 2202E
B.S., University of Michigan
M.S., University of Colorado at Boulder
PhD., University of Michigan
Professor/Robert L Sandvig Professor

Email: david.dixon@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-1235
Office: CBEC 2209
B.S., M.S., South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Ph.D., University of Texas
Chemical Equipment and Instrumentation Specialist
Email: Ivan.Filipov@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-1280
Office: CBC 224
M.S., Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov Higher Institute of Chemistry and Technology-Bourgas
Email: Patrick.Gilcrease@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-1239
Office: CBEC 2208
B.S., Colorado School of Mines
M.S., Colorado State University
Ph.D., Colorado State University
Assistant Professor
Email: Tanvi.Govil@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2703
Office: CBEC 2210

Ph.D., South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Associate Professor
Email: Lori.Groven@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-5117
Office: CBEC 2212
B.S., South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
M.S. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Ph.D. South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Assistant Professor
Email: Kazi.Khoda@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2421
Office: CBEC 3307

B.S., Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Ph.D., Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Email: Jennifer.Leberknight@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2421
Office: CM 131

B.S., University of Wyoming
Ph.D., South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

Assistant Professor
Email: Alexey.Lipatov@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-5146
Office: CBEC 3308

Ph.D., University of Nebraska

Email: David.Salem@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-5271
B.S., University of Bradford, U.K.
Ph.D., University of Manchester, U.K.
Assistant Professor
Email: Ivan.SalmeronOchoa@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-6823
Office: CBEC 2202D

B.S., Autonomous University of Chihuahua
Ph.D., University of Manchester

Email: Rajesh.Sani@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-1240
Office: CBEC 2211
B.S.C., Meerut University
M.S.C., Indore University
Ph.D., Institute of Microbial Technology/Panjab University
Associate Research Professor
Email: Anuradha.Shende@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2421
Office: CBEC 2208


Ph.D., University of Mumbai


Interim Associate Department Head/Professor
Email: Rajesh.Shende@sdsmt.edu
Phone: (605) 394-1231
Office: CBEC 2207
B.S., Nagpur University
B.S., M.S., Ph.D., Institute of Chemical Technology, University of Mumbai
Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Email: Ram.Singh@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-1730
Office: CBEC 3309

B.S., University of Lucknow
M.S., CSJM University
Ph.D., RD University

Research Project Specialist
Email: Kristine.Starmer@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-5279
Office: CBE 2202D / CAPE

B.S., National American University
M.S., Bellevue University

Email: Jeffrey.Switzer@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2828
Office: CBEC 2208

B.S., University of California
Ph.D., Purdue University

Associate Professor
Email: Travis.Walker@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2543
Office: CBEC 3310
B.S., South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
B.S., South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
M.S., Stanford University
Ph.D., Stanford University
Senior Secretary
Email: Alana.Wells@sdsmt.edu
Phone: 605-394-2421
Office: CBEC 2202

B.A., Ashford University

Emeritus Faculty

Sookie Bang – Professor Emeritus of Chemical and Biological Engineering 
Larry Bauer – Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering

James Munro - Professor Emeritus of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Jan Puszynski – Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering 
Robb Winter - Professor Emeritus of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Courtesy Adjunct Appointments (Faculty or Research Scientist)

Dr. Mark Brown - Faculty