M.A.P.S. Laboratory

Materials, Automation, Processing, and Simulation

The M.A.P.S laboratory is a project funded by the Dow Corning Foundation for the purpose of creating a paradigm shift in teaching design skills through laboratory experiences. Prior to the M.A.P.S project, student projects in the chemical engineering laboratories tended to be cook-book recipes for conducting an experiment and calculating an engineering parameter from the results obtained. In the M.A.P.S paradigm, students are asked to design a process using the methods learned in lecture classes, then build or assemble the equipment to meet their design, and finally to test their design by operating the process, taking appropriate measurements, and simulating equipment/process performance.

Thanks to the Dow Corning Foundation and Mr. Doug Aldrich, formerly of Dow Corning, for their generous support of our program through the M.A.P.S laboratory grant.