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Electrical Engineering Degree

What is Electrical Engineering?

Where computer engineering is the intersection between hardware and software, electrical engineering is the hardware. Gain an understanding for an electrical engineer’s application and design of systems by incorporating electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism

This program offers an accelerated master’s degree.

What does an electrical engineer do?

Through the electrical engineering degree at South Dakota Mines, students establish a solid engineering foundation in circuits, electronics, electromagnetics, controls, signals, materials, communications, and power. Students majoring in electrical engineering become proficient in designing, building, and testing electrical products and systems. Do you want to develop prototype sensors used in NASA astronaut space suits? The hands-on and immersive experience is at the heart of this program.

Students studying electrical engineering at Mines can participate in the designing and building of drones, formula race cars, autonomous lunar robots, and Baja vehicles.

Courses for this Degree

• Introduction to Digital Systems
• Foundations of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
• Test-Driven Software Development
• Programming for Engineers and Scientists
• Circuits
• Statics and Dynamics
• Differential Equations
• Electronic Sensors and Actuators
• Signals and Systems
• Energy Systems
• Electric and Magnetic Fields
• Control Systems
• Electronic, Magnetic, & Optical Properties of Materials
• Applied Electromagnetics

Course Curriculum

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Internships and Co-ops

At South Dakota Mines, 90% of electrical engineering students land internships, earning an average salary of $21.16 per hour. Students in the electrical engineering program at Mines work for these companies and government agencies, to name a few:

- Black Hills Energy
- Burns & McDonnell
- Collins Aerospace
- Daktronics
- EchoStar
- Garmin
- Honeywell
- Kimberly-Clark
- Northwestern Energy
- Raytheon Technologies
- Raven Industries

Career Outlook

South Dakota Mines electrical engineering graduates typically earn an average starting salary of $72,182. The 2022 job placement rate was 100%.


Opportunities or Roles

- Antennas
- Avionics Engineer
- Cloud Engineer
- Electromagnetism
- Electronics Engineer
- Electrical Engineer
- Energy Smart Grids
- Industrial Automation
- Power Electronics Designer
- Power Generation and Transmission
- Renewable and Alternative Energy
- Robotics
- Wireless Communication Systems


Potential Employers

- Black Hills Energy
- Boeing
- Burns & MacDonnell
- Collins Aerospace
- Daktronics
- EchoStar
- Emerson
- Garmin
- Honeywell
- Kimberly-Clark
- Northwestern Energy
- Raytheon Technologies

Electrical Engineering Research

Undergraduates, in addition to graduate students, have opportunities to engage and get involved in research. These are the primary faculty research labs.

- Unmanned and Swarm Systems Lab
- Antennas and Wireless Communications Research Lab
- Smart Grid and Energy Research Lab

These are the primary areas of faculty research.

- Robotics and Automation
- Autonomous Systems
- Communications and Antennas
- Power Systems

Program Offerings

Electrical Engineering (BS) is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET




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