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Computer Engineering Degree

Program Offerings

• Bachelor of science degree in Computer Engineering
• Accelerated master’s in Computer Science and Engineering (earn your bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in as little as five years)
• Master of science degree in Computer Science and Engineering
• Minors: Computer Science and Robotics

*The BS in Computer Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

What is Computer Engineering?

Think of computer engineering as a marriage between electrical engineering and computer science. Computer engineers focus on computer hardware and the interaction between hardware and software. This contrasts with computer scientists, who focus on software and programming.

What does a computer engineer do?

Computer engineers design and develop computer systems and other tech devices.

With a computer engineering degree from South Dakota Mines, you’ll become proficient in writing software and firmware for embedded microcontrollers, designing VLSI microchips, analog sensors, mixed-signal circuit boards, and real-time operating systems. Computer engineers also work in robotics and intelligent systems research.

Some of the things a computer engineer might do include:
• Design new computer hardware
• Create mobile applications
• Drive new types of artificial intelligence
• Update computer equipment
• Research and design computer chips, circuit boards, and computer systems

First-Year Courses

• Chemistry
• Physics
• Math
• Computer engineering
• Computer science
• English

Course Curriculum

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Internships and Co-ops

South Dakota Mines computer engineering students are highly sought after by industry and government agencies. You will have an opportunity to intern at some of the biggest names in tech and science, including:

• Microsoft
• Garmin
• Los Alamos
• Boeing
• Nucor
• Rockwell Collins • GE
• Littelfuse
• 3M
• Black Hills Corporation

77% of Mines students land internships earning an average salary of $20.00/hour.

Career Outlook

South Dakota Mines computer engineering graduates typically earn some of the highest starting salaries of any major, taking home an average starting salary of $70,200. The average job placement rate for these same graduates is 94%.


Careers for South Dakota Mines computer engineering graduates might include:

• Robotics, Search and Rescue
• IoT, Edge, and Fog Computing
• Military Reconnaissance and Surveillance
• Intelligent Automation and Specialized Systems
• Mobile, Web, and Software Engineering
• Alternative Energy Production and Control
• Avionics
• Manufacturing Automation
• Supercomputing
• Smart Antennas


Our computer engineering graduates go on to work for powerhouse agencies and companies such as:

• Collins Aerospace
• Daktronics
• Garmin
• Microsoft
• Amazon
• Raven Industries
• Nucor
• EchoStar
• Digi-Key
• Lockheed Martin

Computer Engineering Research

You don’t have to wait until grad school to do research as a South Dakota Mines computer engineering major. You will have the opportunity to participate in research in the following areas even as an undergrad:

• Applied electromagnetics
• Controls and autonomous robotic systems
• Power systems and power electronics
• Communications and networking




South Dakota Mines is the
#1 Engineering School
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